What we are doing to keep you safe...

  • We follow CDC cleaning guidelines for prior to, during, and following your stay with us.
  • Throughout each day we regularly sanitize inn surfaces using a hospital grade "quat" sanitizer.  High-touch surfaces are sanitized multiple times per day.  (If you hear your door knob "jiggle", its just us, we swear its NOT a ghost).  ;)
  • Room keys and parking passes are sanitized between guests and again immediately prior to check-in
  • All bed linens and towels are washed and sanitized to CDC standards.
  • Sleeping pillows, decorator pillows and other fabric items are sanitized in a manner approved by the CDC.  (If you would still prefer to have these items removed from your room, please let us know PRIOR to arrival).  
  • We have installed a clear barrier at our check-in desk in the lobby and we only check in one room at a time in in the lobby area.
  • All dishes and utensils are washed then sanitized with a high-heat dry cycle.
  • During our food preparation your health is always our top priority.  Thus, we use gloves and face masks as needed to guard your health.


What we ask of our guests...

  • Please be patient with us, with our team, and with one another during your stay. We're all learning to navigate the "new normal" and related staffing shortages.  
  • If something goes awry or you have a concern please let an owner know and give us the chance to make it right!
  • Respect the health and life of those who are "playing it safe" or may be in a higher risk group, even if you are not.  Thus, please maintain a minimum of 6ft social distancing from other guests and the 44 Spanish Street Inn team at all times.
  • Wearing your mask while in common areas and in the presence of others is highly recommended but not required. 


For Covid-19 Cancellation Policies, please see our polices section.  Our policies will populate during the reservation process (prior to finalizing your reservation) or feel free to contact us directly.


Have a wonderful visit to St. Augustine and 44 Spanish Street Inn!  :)